Board Meeting Minutes


The Northern Ontario Library Service Board was formed by order of the Minister as a special service board under the Public Libraries Act of Ontario (1984) It is incorporated by letters patent, dated March 10, 1989 to govern Ontario Library Service - North, an agency which delivers programs and services on behalf of the Ministry.

The Board is responsible for making policies for the agency's operation, developing and implementing strategic planning for the agency and approving a budget to support the agency's programs, services and operations. The Board also promotes the agency to its clients and other stakeholders. 

The Board has three Regular Board Meetings a year. When effective governance requires it, the Board meets as a committee of the whole by teleconference to ensure the business of the organization is completed.

Correspondence can be sent to the Board member(s) as follows:

c/o Office of the Chief Executive Officer

Ontario Library Service - North

334 Regent St.

Sudbury, ON

P3C 4E2

Mellissa D'Onofrio-Jones/CEO: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Current Board Membership 

 Andrew Hallikas Fort Frances (Category A)
 Marj Poirier Kenora (Category A)
 Christopher Rous, Chair Sault Ste. Marie (Category B)
 Frances Ryan Sault Ste. Marie (Category B)
 Michelle Lahay Doucette Mattawa (Category C)
 Diane Picard Hearst (Category C)
 Vacant (Category D)
 George Saarinen Ministerial Appointments
 Carol Grieve, Vice-Chair Ministerial Appointments



OLS-North is governed by a board of 9 directors, 7 of whom are nominated by the public library boards and First Nation councils of Northern Ontario and two of whom are nominated by the Minister. The board is responsible for the policies and operations of OLS-North.

Board terms are staggered with all members serving a four year term with elections for half the positions occurring in category A, B, and C every 2 years.

No. Elected


Thunder Bay-Superior North, Thunder Bay-Atikokan, Kenora-Rainy River

2 A

North Central

Algoma-Manitoulin, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury-Nickel Belt, Parry Sound-Muskoka

2 B

 North East

Timmins-James Bay, Timiskaming-Cochrane, Nipissing

2 C

 First Nations 

1 D










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