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Visit the following sites for access to online almanacs, altases, dictionairies, encyclopedias,
and thesauri:

Collection de base virtuelle d'outils
de référence

Online Reference Collection:
An alphabetical subject guide

Reference Resources on the Web

About Government

Information about provincial and federal governments can be found here.

Careers and Jobs

Find out where the jobs are.

Find jobs online.

Discover opportunities for youth.

Fun Sites
for Kids

Click here to visit fun sites for kids.


Look here for links to:

Health and Medical Resources

Help for Your Small Business

Look here for help in starting a business in Ontario.

Homework Help

Look here for useful homework help links for kids, teens, and parents.

Look here for interesting links about space.

Sports & Leisure

Look here for information about sports, recreation, leisure and travel in Canada and abroad.


Information about travel in Canada.

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