Centennial Time Capsule

To celebrate Cochrane's Centennial, the Cochrane Public Library buried a time capsule on October 23rd, 2010.  The capsule is filled with mementos of our centennial year.  In 25 years the capsule will be raised and hopefully a clear picture of what life was like in Cochrane during 2010 will be revealed.

Christina Blazecka, Library CEO oversaw the event, “We wanted a way to commemorate the town's 100th anniversary for the next generation.  Due to certain technological changes, we wanted to encapsulate items that would not rely on outdated technology to be viewed or used.”

The time capsule contains a cross section of material relevant to Cochrane and to Canada as a whole, such as a centennial calendar, a 2010 Cochrane telephone book, the first Cochrane Times-Post of 2010 and the most recent newspaper.  Commemorative coins from the Vancouver Winter Olympics and Canadian Tire Money Coins are included as well as elementary school students’ submissions of writing and artwork.

The Library would like to thank Blazecka's Greenhouses for the capsule pipe, Gerry's Enterprises for the preparation of pipe and the end caps and Brisson’s Monuments for the donated inscripted headstone that will mark the burial spot until 2035.

The time capsule has been registered with the Oglethorpe University International Time Capsule Society and will be opened on a date chosen by the library officials of 2035.
The raising of the capsule will be a reminder of times past in Cochrane.

The capsule will be opened in:

PlaqueTime Capsule - Staff-n-Board

Back: ?, Kika Paiva, Carole-Ann Churcher, Shirley O'Donnell, Christina Blazecka, Chantal Chénier, Mary-Ann Parsley, Tom Ulvstal, Ann Logan

Middle: Michelle Larose, Joan Parsons, Marley Moreau, Kendall Churcher

Front: Kristen Berthiaume, Hope Berthiaume, ?, ?, ?, Lauren Churcher, Aaron Lavoie.

Time Capsule