Library Services

Chapleau Public Library is a beautiful and vibrant member of the community that supports continual innovation in the services we make available to our patrons and visitors. 

We aim to offer our community a safe and comfortable meeting area with something for everyone and accessible to all. 

We have French and English books in various formats including LARGE print, audiobooks and CNIB discs for use
with our Daisy Reader. 

DVD and Blu-Ray movies are available for FOUR night loan periods. 

We have a great selection of magazines on current events, decorating, food and fashion.

Our CAP site has two public use computers offering high speed wireless internet. Visitors can also access our Wifi network from inside the library or even in the parking lot.

Our Media Center is equipped with a projector and screen, a charging station, meeting table that seats 8,
and a Cuisinart coffe machine!

We have a "DIY Photography" station!
So far we have themes for Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter.
Our most recent purchase is a GREEN SCREEN!
FYI, we have a selfie stick too!
Just come visit during our open hours!

If you are in need of a meeting place that requires the use of a projector and screen, you are in luck,
because we have that set up too!

In our childrens area, we have an XBOX One with Kinect set up with a 40" flat screen TV!
This gaming system is FREE of use to our patrons and visitors!

We have Sony eReaders, Kobos and Nooks available for loan to our patrons.
Spend some time selecting the books you would like, then our knowledgable staff can load your books onto the device for you! 

Our catalogue and databases can be accessed online from home so patrons can see what they have out, what they would like, renew their items, and place holds. 

From the Overdrive site, members who own personal tablets, laptops, phones, and eReaders, can load their devices with audiobooks, ebooks, and even stream movies from home.
Our library is a Lender and Borrower of the Interlibrary Loans Service.
If we don't have what you are looking for, we can usually find it and borrow it from another library. 

Keep up to date with us by clicking our Facebook and Twitter links below!



Membership/Other Information

If you are a tax payer within the Municipality of Chapleau, there is NO CHARGE to join our library. 

If you live outside the Municipality of Chapleau limits, there is an annual household membership fee of $40

To obtain a membership, simply drop by the library with one form of identification that has your current address,
and our library staff will be pleased to sign you up. 

The Chapleau Public Library does NOT have late fees for books and magazines, however, if you are feeling guilty for your tardiness, you can always donate to our "Guilty Pig."

      Our Loan Periods:                                                                                               Our Fees:                                              
      Books, Magazines, Audiobooks and Interlibrary Loan Items - 3 weeks                              Black & White Prints and Copies - .25/page                                                                                                                                                                                               
      Movies - 3 movies for 4 nights (Movies will get ONE renewal only)                                    Regular Colour Prints - .50/page

      **Renewals can be requested in person, by phone, email or on this website**                  Photo Prints (Limit of 4) - $1.00/page

                                                                                                                                                  Fax Sent & Received - $3.00/First 3 pages, 
                                                                                                                                                          PLUS .25 for EACH additional page

                                                                                                                                                  Pop/Bottled Water/Coffee - $1.00/each
                                                                                                                                     Movie Late Fines - $2.00 PER MOVIE, PER NIGHT


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                                          It offers an invaluable collection of                                   access the Chapleau Express
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